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MPOETC Retired ID Cards

Retired Law Enforcement Identification Act

Retiree Health Insurance Award (Grievance #2012-010)

Healthcare Grievance:
The Arbitrator's award sustained the FOP's argument. The city must now take a retiree's new offered plan before a neutral party to determine "equal or better than" before dropping them. The entirement has been posted in the Resources section in the right pane.

Reading Police Retired ID Cards:
Officers who have retired and never received a retired ID card may contact Lt. Eric Suydam (Quartermaster) to make an appointment.
Phone: 610-655-6047

Firearms Qualification for Retired Law Enforcement Officers:
This four (4) hour program is designed to authorize retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed weapons from state to state in accordance with Act 79, the Retired Law Enforcement Identification Act (RLEIA.) Admission to the course will not be permitted unless applicants report on the scheduled training date with the required documents in their possession. Complete the retired Officer Concealed Carry Acknowledgement Form. It can be printed from the MPOETC website The completed Acknowledgement Form must be presented the day of training along with two forms of identification (your retired officer identification card and photo identification such as a driver’s license.) Participants will need a revolver no less than .38 calibers or a semi-automatic pistol no less than 9mm, three (3) boxes (150 rounds) of factory ammunition and for semi-automatic pistols, no less than two (2) magazines.

The Acknowledgement Form can be found here.
Harrisburg Area Community College Law Enforcement Training Calendar (page 9)